Most businesses hire professional accountants to compute and prepare their taxes. However, sometimes, there are businesses that have less complicated records and tax computation that they do not really professional accountants to do that for them. There are also several tax software reviews available online and tax preparation software reviews. Some of these tax softwares are offered free while others are made available for a fee. However, just the same, there would still be a lot of savings using these tax preparation services online than hiring a professional to prepare your taxes. Here are five excellent programs available for you.

Best tax software :

  • FREEFILE – this is a free tax preparation program. However, this requires a minimum income of 57,000 dollars or even less. This is offered to those companies with lower gross income, but if they would require to file a rather complicated tax return, an additional fee may apply.
  • FREE FILE FILABLE PDF FORMS – If your business gathers and annual income of more than 57,000 dollars or have simple taxes, you could prepare your own taxes by using these forms. Many of these forms already have calculations filled in, all you have to do is fill in the details and the form does the subtraction and computation for you. After that, you can file this form online.
  • H&R BLOCK – With this program, you can simply fill in the basic online tax preparation for free. If there should also be a need for an audit, there are also professionals that could assist you. This has a free and paid version. However, there are limitations to the free version unlike the paid version.
  • TURBO TAX – With this program, you get the basic tax preparation as well as the checking for errors, the assistance of support with live chat and refund just like with the paid version.
  • TAX ACT – This program offers a PDF form to be filled up and all tax forms provided by the IRS. This provides online preparation and filing of taxes and refunds to be received through VISA debit card.

Among these five programs available online, you could choose one that would best suit you. Just check out these professional tax preparation reviews for more information.


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