Every institution or industry, especially in business, should have a record of the personal information of every client, employee, retailer and more. Having personal contacts about them is not easy to manage. It is also irresistible and exasperating for the person who would be tasked to manage this. But how would that person make his or her task less difficult? This would be possible by having insurance contact management software, online contact management software, or sales contact management software. However, users should select the best contact management software which is as follows:

Best contact management software :

  • Insightly: This is a free contact management software that is created to easily utilize the dominant CRM system in a small business. This is also known as the prominent CMS for a small business that is supported by Mail Chimp, Linked In, Twitter and Google Apps.
  • SalesExec: Based on contact software management reviews, this software program helps the employees or sales agents to easily get an automated lead of their clients. It is also functional in nurturing electronic mails, engaging in social media and accessing the power dialing. This made all functions easy to access.
  • Google Contacts: This is one of the well-known contact management software. Some contact management software reviews stated that this is one way of saving and managing personal contacts of the clients or employees of a small business. It can also be used by ordinary people who do not have a business. As long as you have a Gmail account, it would be easy for you to use this software.
  • Address Book: According to a contact management software review, this is functional for all kinds of people whether businessmen or just a simple employee. It saves the e-mails, mobile numbers, important people’s names and even their websites or chat names.
  • Daylite: Free contact software management reviews give feedbacks about this software made by Market Circle Inc. With this, you can simply access contacts even for a single page. Schedules can also be seen easily as well as the tasks to be done every day.


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