Are you considering pulling the plug on your Stash account? Maybe you no longer use it or have decided to switch to a different investing app. Whatever the reason, this article is crafted to help you navigate deletion quickly and efficiently.

Deleting your Stash account: A step-by-step approach

While canceling your Stash account might seem puzzling, we’re here to walk you through the process and share some crucial guidelines. Keep in mind that once you’ve completed these steps, your investments will be sold and withdrawn from your account. Let’s dive into the step-by-step instructions:

Step 1: Log into your Stash account

To kick off the deletion process, sign in to your account either through the app or by visiting their website using a web browser. It’s vital to know both your login credentials – your email address and password.

Step 2: Sell all your assets

Note that you must sell all of your investments before proceeding with the account cancellation. Stash doesn’t offer an option to transfer your investments directly to another platform, so selling them is the most practical way to go about it. You can sell your investments through the “Sell” option for each asset listed within the app, followed by waiting for a settlement period of 2 days before requesting cooldown.

Tips on how to achieve success in Step 2:

  1. Navigate to the “Investments” tab within your Stash account.
  2. Select each investment, then click the “Sell” button.
  3. Opt to sell the entire amount or partial quantity, depending on your preference and financial situation.

Step 3: Withdraw your cash

Transferring all the funds to your linked bank account is a prerequisite. After selling your investments, continue by pulling out any remaining balance from your Stash account. It’s crucial to withdraw all of the available funds to initiate cancellation smoothly.

Tips on how to succeed in Step 3:

  • Head to the “Bank” tab within your Stash account.
  • Select your withdrawal amount and confirm the transaction.
  • Ensure that you leave no residual balance in your Stash account.

Step 4: Unsubscribe from email notifications and promotions

Remember to unsubscribe from promotional messages and emails. You can find an “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any marketing email received. This step allows you to stop receiving unwanted content after deleting your account.

Different methods to delete your Stash account

Stash doesn’t provide an easy direct method for account deletion through their website or app. Instead, users must contact their support team to request the removal of their information. Here are four popular ways to get in touch with them:

Method 1: Email Request

Contacting Stash’s support team directly via email is an efficient way to communicate your intentions. The official email address to submit such requests is [email protected]. Be sure to include relevant details, such as your full name and account number, alongside a clear explanation that you’d like to cancel your subscription permanently.

Method 2: Phone Call

You also have the option to call customer service and discuss with a representative the reason for your account cancellation. For the best response, try reaching out during their regular support hours (Monday to Friday), and have essential information at hand: name, account number, email address, etc.

Method 3: In-app chat support

Leverage Stash’s in-app chat feature to directly handle your request by getting in touch with a customer service representative. The chatbot function can be accessed through the “Help” section within the app. This is an excellent option for users requiring prompt assistance without emailing or making a call.

Additional considerations for account deletion

Keep these critical points in mind:

  • Ensure your linked bank account information is up-to-date to avoid any complications with transferring remaining funds.
  • Stash may hold an ETF for a mandatory cooling-off period before selling it. During this time, users cannot delete their accounts.
  • Remember that deleting your Stash account will eliminate your entire account history, including past transactions and tax documents.

In conclusion, deleting your Stash account might feel daunting, but following our guide will smoothen the process. Good luck on your journey towards a clutter-free financial life!


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