Television screens that are flat screened have become far much more affordable and accessible to many people than never before. Because of this, the sizes of the screens have also been changing. In the recent past, many TV markets have been offering sizes of TV than are mostly 55 inches. However, lately the 65 inches have been the most common.

There are so many questions that one may ask themselves in the event that they want to buy a TV. Apart from the most common question about the exact TV model to buy, another common question is often about the dimensions of the TV. Since the 65 inches is currently the popular one in the market that is loved by many, there is therefore so much interest in knowing exactly how wide it measures. The dimensions herein will be given in both the inches and centimeters units of measurements; for easy understanding.

TV resolutions

Just how Wide is the 65 inches Television Set?

The total width of a TV set tends to be much loner, since the TV screen is often inserted inside the body that houses the TV itself. The most recent high-end TVs however tend to have a frame that is quite narrow, ranging between 0.2-0.4 inches thereabout. Some specific models of TV may however come with a frame that is slightly larger around the screen area. This is simply because of the variance of the screen matric technology. The actual difference in width is however very minimal, varying about 0.5 inches to 1 centimeter.

Dimensions of the 65 inch TV

The 65 inch TV is around 33 inches in height; which roughly translates to 84cm. This is the height with no stand. However, when it has a stand, then the heights comes to about 36 inches which is 91.4 cm, this is with an assumption that you will put the stand in use. However, when the stand is not being used, you can refer to the height that was aforementioned.

Thickness of the 65 inch TV

All the modern TVs in current times are about 2 inches in depth. This translates to about 5cm. The thickness of the 65 inch TV is an important factor, since this is where you can comfortably get to fix different connection cables. These may include the USB, HDMI, speakers, and other ports. You also need to connect the TV cable in order to receive your TV programs of choice.


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