If you are looking for a quality RGB Joy-Con Nintendo switch controller, the Binbok Switch controller is a perfect choice. With its enhanced features and design, the Binbok Switch controller will make your gaming experience better.

It’s made from high-quality materials and designed to provide excellent performance. Plus, it comes with an attachable JoyCon Dongle that allows you to game with friends in co-operative Play Mode. If you are looking for a top-quality RGB Joy-Con Nintendo switch controller, the Binbok Switch controller is for you!

The Binbok Switch controller

Binbok controller Nintendo switchThe Binbok Switch controller has some impressive features. It comes with an attachable JoyCon Dongle that gives you the ability to game with friends in co-operative Play Mode.

Plus, they come with various features that make gaming on your Nintendo Switch more fun. You can use them for both single and multiplayer games. In addition, the controllers are easy to use and are perfect for anyone who wants an easy gaming experience.


  1. Availability of RGB lights – if you want to light up your gaming room, this product is the right choice (for most games, you can turn on this option).
  2. Vibration and motion controls – the accuracy of motion-detecting and vibration settings are excellent for most games.
  3. Great grips – since the controller is designed with two analog sticks and two face buttons with big handles, it doesn’t slip off your hands while you play. Also, it doesn’t move around slightly due to the girt handles when playing games.
  4. Fits on Switch in the dock – being a dock-centric device, this controller works perfectly with the Switch.
  5. Cheaper than Joy-Cons – it’s far cheaper than the Joy-Cons considering its features. It costs about $30 less than Joy-Cons.
  6. Comes with USB to USB-C charging cable – The controller comes with a handy USB-C charging cable. It is more convenient to hook up your Nintendo Switch and controllers to charge simultaneously.
  7. Black or Green & Blue options – If you are looking for a color-coordinated product, any black and blue variant will do.


  1. No amiibo support – The controller is incompatible with the non-Nintendo branded amiibo figurines and other kits. We have been unable to get any confirmations from the Binbok team or Nintendo whether they are planning update support or not at this juncture. So, it’s a downer for those who don’t plan to purchase any amiibo figure sets.
  2. Makes kickstand unusable – Since there is little to no extra grip provided by the kickstand, you might find using one of the names listed in this review is risky as you will have spent a chunk of your time attempting to push it down. When close to your TV, it might fall without you anticipating it, and when that doesn’t happen, holding an analog stick on the controller would lead to more trouble.

Price and availability

The Binbok Switch controller is available at a very reasonable price. It sells at $50, which is relatively fair with its features to consider. More importantly, it is $30 less than official Joy-Cons. It also costs $20 less than the Pro Controller. So, if you want a more compact controller with a strong build without diving deep into your pockets, the Binbok controller is on point when it comes to a price point. You can purchase the controller online or in physical stores. The controller is also eligible for free shipping.

How to connect Binbok controller to switch?

Slide the BinBok controller onto your Switch. It will automatically connect to Switch. It can also be connected through Bluetooth, that is, by pressing the capture button when the Switch is docked.

The RGB Joycon Slim Controller version

Binbok Nintendo slim Switch controllerIf you are looking for a version of the Binbok Switch controller that is smaller and less bulky, the RGB JoyCon Slim Controller is perfect for you. It is wireless and, connects without any bundles, has a price that gamers will find somewhat affordable given its abilities. While the regular BinBok Switch controller is perfect for games and prosecutive controllers, this one is ideal for big games.

While it doesn’t have all the fancy features needed to support all sorts of games in their entirety, it can be an ideal controller when playing Nintendo Switch software. It does have a bit of a learning curve if you aren’t familiar with the keyboard layouts for digital hockey, racing video game controls, and various other actions which need to be mapped to individual buttons.

Just know, though, it works better with certain specific digital and physical inputs on some larger hand-operated home controls than you might guess. It was especially true of casino-managed slots compared to more average games in current gaming kits such as Fortnite.

I found that some actions had inconsistent success mapped to different specific joystick control schemes across devices. Another detail to consider is that it’s not a complete replacement for your standard device like the other versions of the BinBok controller. Though when it comes to switching gaming rigs that have controllers licensed or built under license, this version of the controller may work best due to its compact size. You may have to change the inputs to use this controller better if you wish, so take care and ensure your expectations are met.


The Binbok Switch controller is a great option for those looking for a gaming controller that is affordable and has RGB Joycons. It is available for purchase now and is likely to be sold in multiple configurations, depending on the price point you are willing to pay. In addition, it is compatible with the Nintendo Switch and can be connected to it using a USB cable.

The RGB Joycons are a nice touch and make this controller an ideal choice for those who want a high-quality gaming experience. The Switch is an ideal controller for gaming, and sticking with common analog sticks and standard buttons will work very well. If you’re looking for a way to worry about your new RGB Joycons or two at a time, this might be the way for you.


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