No matter your culture or country, it doesn’t matter at all. Anyone could choose to adapt the styles of others , and make them suit into their own practice. This is why durags can be worn by anyone who chooses to do so.

Durags have lots of roles to play in helping the enhancement of your hair. such as giving you that best way creation on it and helping to keep you a fool comfort why you go about your daily activity. Durags are quite exceptional although most people attribute it to people who are a bit odd in their practices.

Putting on a durag helps in packing your hair perfectly and not letting it get in your way while working. Also durags can help in absorbing some of the sweat from your head.

The reasons why anyone can wear a durag

  • It maintains your hair quality prefectly.
  • They help in preserving your hair style.
  • It helps keep your hair in a good condition.
  • Good wave maintenance.
  • Protection from excess sun shine.
  • Most efficient during workouts when your hair is quite long.

Also , lots of people put on a durag, as a sense of fashion but others wear them just to maintain their hair style and look. Durags are quite linked with thug life, in the past, but there is really nothing bad about wearing them actually. You can find it in different website.

Most people that wear durags are black men, and they wear them for so many reasons.

One of which that it keeps braids maintained.

So many men nowadays wear nice braids and this why they have durags, this is also same with those with shorter hair; braids can be messed up while sleeping and relaxing or chilling out, this makes it very important to wear durags when going to bed.

Whites too can also wear a durag, both men and women !

A durag can be worn by both men and women ,not minding where they come from.

People simply wear durags to express their true identity; it’s an identity for people of a particular color; wearing one is stylish, and at the same time, it’s a statement of pride which so many person’s would love to display openly. It’s very important and essential as it helps boosts waves and growth of dreadlocks for those who have them and want to preserve them efficiently.

When wearing a durag, make sure the ties are properly placed ,so as to lie flat and smooth on your forehead, giving you that cute and dazzling look,and if you are sleeping with it, then make sure you use a headband to prevent it from falling off at night, this could as well roughen the look you want to preserve. That is why it is good to try fast in learning how to tie a durag.

This is not difficult and it won’t take long after all. .there are quite different methods in making a tie knots on durags. You are very free in choosing your style, which would be up to you.


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