Some people keep their old printed files or documents in their own personal computers. Some of these are in the image formats, so it cannot be edited. In order to have the chance to edit the documents, you need a converter like OCR software where it will transform the document to a clear and formatted text file.

People think that best OCR software programs are expensive. You can still download free OCR software programs that would make your situation easy in converting files. But the best way that could help you in choosing the best OCR software free is by reading OCR software reviews. Moreover, these are five of the OCR software free download.

Best OCR software :

  • OCR to Word: This is one of the best free OCR software or text recognition software which is helpful in saving your time and effort in copying the words in the scanned documents. It can also be easily downloaded from a website. Upon the use of the software, it would provide you the image description of your file.
  • Free OCR: As one of the top OCR software free download, it is best considered as the best OCR PDF software because it can also convert a lot of file formats including PDF files. You can utilize this software anytime you want as long as you have downloaded and installed it in your own computer.
  • Simple OCR: This is a good image OCR software and easy-to-use. It can help you edit a file from scratch and create your own design using the software.
  • Evernote: Organization is the best feature of this software which can make your task easy and simple. By means of its synchronization to other gadgets, it can easily look for your image and convert it.
  • Boxoft: It is also free OCR PDF software which works or converts files quickly. It also retypes errors in the files faster.

These are the best Optical Character Recognition software or OCR scanning software free that you can use in converting files to text formats easily and quickly.


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