A lot of people nowadays are enthusiastic and enjoying taking pictures and posting them on their social networking sites. However, there are times when the captured image is not that clear or perfect to reflect the captured moment. Fortunately, there are a lot of best photo editing softwares that are available on the internet, especially that Photoshop is a bit high end and expensive. Check out this review and find out what these best photo editing programs can do and how it would suit you.

Best free photo editing software :

  • Paint.NET – This is one best photo editing software in the internet nowadays. This has amazing photo editing tools such as the resizing and rotating photos in a way you want it. This also has several special effects that are quite amazing indeed. Paint tools are also provided by this software.
  • Gimp – This is practically the best photo editing software out there. This software was introduced since 1996 and several updates are done after making this software perfect. This has amazing paint tools. In addition, it has other tools such as color enhancement, alter colors, and enhance blur images, lighting effects and red eye correction feature.
  • PhoXo – This software has been developed ten years ago. This is user friendly and simple that even kids can use this. They can play around the ClipArt’s within the system and other animations, paint tools and other effects.
  • Funny Photo Maker – This software has a lot of special effects that are easily applied. Although, this has no paint or drawing tools, this allows users to attach a photo into another image such as magazine cover or newspaper. Add effects like rain or snow into a picture and make it animated.
  • Photo Pos Pro – This software offers a range of selection such as a wide selection of paint tools and color alterations and fixes. This also includes lots of special effects and its scripting tools that allow you to do photo editing easily.

Now that you had a glimpse of the best photo editing software available out there and what it can do for you, you can now decide of which one to choose for your purpose. Whether you are a professional or a simple social person, there is definitely one that would suit you.


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