To start off with, desktop publishing and graphic designing are basically the same thing and their softwares are also basically the same. The two only differ when it comes to the program levels in the software. Whether you are a professional or simply an enthusiast of graphic designing, there are several softwares available to choose the best graphic design programs to choose from.

However, choosing the best design software is not that easy as it seems. This review could help you out in choosing the best web design programs that would suit your application and preferences.

Just some years ago, graphic designing was carried out with a paper and a pencil. However, nowadays, this had come far with the help of technology. Today’s computer and softwares have aided and made graphic designing easy and simple. This now made highly sophisticated projects a lot easier than years back. In this review, you could catch a glimpse of by far the best graphic software available out there.

Here, you could check out the best programs for graphic design to choose from. Surely, there is one best program for graphic design that would suit you. With these graphic softwares available out there, graphic designing was made easier than ever. You could choose one or several softwares depending on your use.

Best graphic design software :

  • Adobe Creative Suite – This design software has the most innate and distinctive features that are innovative and highly advanced as compared with others. This is the reason why it is preferred by more people ad is considered the best in its field.
  • CorelDraw Graphics Suite – This design software comprises of a number of features and tools that makes users take some time to learn how to use it. However, customer support and assistance is amazing that could allow users to go through the program.
  • Xara Designer – This design software is user friendly and easy to use. However, they lack technical support for the program.
  • Paint.NET – This software has updated and improved user interface and is more accessible even for first time users.
  • ArtRage – This is an easy to use design software most especially when you are using a touchscreen computer or a pen tablet.
  • Inkscape – This graphic design software is basically the same as Adobe Illustrator. This is a program that is intended for creating and editing vector images. This is a practical alternative for expensive design softwares.
  • Gimp – This is the graphic software that is similar with the Adobe Photoshop. This is a program that is intended for creating and editing bitmap images.
  • Font Forge – This is graphic software that is particularly used for the creation as well as the editing of fonts that are used in designing.
  • Daz Studio – This design software is highly advanced and sophisticated. This is used for the customization of 3D designs. This is used for the creation of digital animations. This is built in with useful tools to create great animations as well as art with the utilization of virtual props. This is highly applicable in today’s applications.
  • DrawPlus – This graphic software is used to edit two dimensional graphics. Aside from the vector drawing tools in the program, this software also has lifelike brushes that allow users to paint with water colors or oils. It also has additional media that enable it to maintain the proficiency in vector editing.

Choosing the best design software for your application is not that easy as it seems. You could go through several applications several times before you could even choose one. However, in this review, you could already find out which one would really be best for you.


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