Have you ever wanted to obtain Netflix, Hulu, or many other thousand streaming apps but only have an old cable cord (COAX)? This article will help you every step of the way! In order to convert your HDMI to RD you’ll need a modulator and here’s the lowdown on the information you’ll need.

An HDMI cord is short for High Definition Multimedia is a standard and an interface or port for transmitting high definition digital video and audio data between two or more electronics or devices both wirelessly and also wired. HDMI cords are now supported on over several billion different devices including laptops, desktop computers, cameras, converters, the computer monitor, certain video projectors, and of course; the digital television.

What do I need to do?

The HDMI cord is pertinent for HD cable and streaming of any sort on any platform. The converter cord as well as the entire process arent as difficult to perceive or master as one might think…

The RF modulator is an electronic device whose baseband signal is used to modulate a frequency or radio signal. An HDMI modulator will transform (for proper words) each and every single HDMI input signal to an RF, which is radio frequency or as many of you know it, an ANTENNA signal.

One doesn’t need special or “high-tech” cabling and can be wired and assembled using the more traditional or in the blatant case- older cabling- already in place of one home. Once this is done and set up properly; one will be able to view and correlate every single HDMI network on the system and even transmit signals throughout standardized antennas (remember that’s RF).

How does an HDMI modulator work?

Let’s break this down again- the HDMI modulator is used to transform the input signals to HD video/audio throughout a COAX cable. The best part is that it does not need new cables or fancy obscure wiring. No Ambiguity here, thankfully. You simply use the cables that are already installed and throughout your home. You will then be able to obtain and view every single HDMI input on your computer or Television set and it is worth it for such little effort!

How do I convert HDMI to RF?

This is done through a very simple process, and much less than you would think. All you need is a coaxial cable. The coaxial or COAX cable is the octagonal-shaped metallic plated cord with a point in the middle.

The moment you obtain the proper HDMI to COAX cable (Porper Length important) you have everything you need to send the right signals to grab the desired result. The cord will then transmit all necessary signals through electricity to the HDMI end of the cord. This will give you the proper streaming of audio and video. The same process works when going backward, or from RF to HMDI.

In conclusion let’s recap- The entire process is quite easy and can be done simply by the purchase of a cord or two. The science behind it is fascinating, and yet still within our grasp today.

I hope this was of help to anyone wondering how to properly connect an RF converter. Having this done gives you the peace of mind that your A. Roku B. Firestick C. Apple TV and of course all DVD and Bluray players as well as a converter box or any and all gaming systems.. Welcome to the future!


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