Music plays an important role in everyone’s lives since it brings relaxation or even releases out stress. However, when music are played, everyone wants to listen to their favorite songs continuously. So, people can use audio editing software or music editing software to be able to do that. But, in choosing software, users should read some audio editing software reviews or audio recording software reviews. In order to know some of the top sound editing software, here are the top five free audio editing software:

  • Wavosaur: It is a free music editing software that provides lots of special effects and an upfront editing. If you download this program, it will only take 269 kilobytes. This is very easy to download because there is no need for installation. Unzipping the file is the only thing you need to do. Also, all formats can be opened in this easy music editing software.
  • Waveshop: This program is far too different from other free editing music software. Trimming a part of a file can be done with this program. The files will not be affected by the trimmed file at all. Also, if music is added, no changes will happen as well.
  • Acoustica Basic Edition: This is audio editing software free which has a lot of special features. A lot of files can be opened using an outstanding tabbed interface. This song editing software can easily mix editing by just dragging and dropping the selected files.
  • MP3Gain: Generally, it is sound editing software that has special tools used and utilizes statistical analysis in order to produce good quality of edited songs.
  • Audacity: This has two functions which makes it audio recording editing software. Streaming audios can be easily recorded and edited even in various formats. Five editing options are also included in this audio recording and editing software.

As you can see, these best sound editing software provide good quality edited audios. You just have to choose the best and most suitable for you and your computer.


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