For the first time, Binance has set up a Bitcoin Button game. A game that is different from other cryptocurrency games. The game was initially launched on 15th March 2022. Currently, the game is live and up to 50,000 players can compete. This game has provided a greater opportunity for players to win big. For instance, the players should not doubt as they can win and walk away with one bitcoin. Apart from one bitcoin, game experts are also able to get exciting awards such as grand prizes.

Bitcoin Button Game

In Bitcoin, the Button game is only pressed once. The timer that operates the game counts from 60 seconds downwards. Any time player will press the button game, the timer will reset automatically. In other words, when the timer counts and until it hits zero, the game will be over. In most cases, the game won’t start in the right way as expected. This is because the timer will only start to count when 50,000 people would have registered to play. But, if you need another chance, you can just log in to another account as an alternative.

Binance game push the button

How to Transfer Crypto to PancakeSwap from Binance

Recently, investors have learnt about the simplicity of navigation through DEX platforms. This has made the transfer of Crypto easier. They have realized that the DEX is simple, efficient and cost-effective in terms of charges. Here are some steps on how to transfer crypto from Binance to PancakeSwap.

  • You must log to trade->Convert->input, then chose the amount of crypto deposited in as ”from” and BNB as “ to”.
  • Complete the instructions and upload the converted BNB to MetaMask.
  • Through login of the PancakeSwap, connect Metamask to PancakeSwap.
  • Start the process by clicking on next. Then, they will display a notification on the MetaMask address.
  • You can now exchange by clicking on trade.

How to Get a Free NFT Mystery Box

To get free free bitcoin game you should click the Bitcoin Button and sign in with their Binance accounts. By doing this, the Bitcoin Button company will drop commemorative NFT will in the NFT Mystery box. Once the mystery box will receive an email. Finally, you will be able to see your Binance on the NFT platform right away.

How to Play
Bitcoin Button is one of the games that are easy to play. To play:

  • You should go to the game page of Bitcoin Button.
  • Log in to your Twitter account or sign in to Binance.
  • You should click whenever you hope is best for you.

As usual, as the rule of the game in order, once you be the last person to click the button, you will be the winner of one bitcoin.

How to Win

As usual in the game, some people are lucky while others are not. But you should not hesitate in case you haven’t won. You should simply post your result on Twitter. This can happen through;

  • In your Twitter account, log in to the Bitcoin Button game and click Bitcoin Button.
  • Follow Binance on Twitter, as you post the screenshots of your game pages. You can also do the same with the hashtag #BitcoinButton.

By doing these, you have a reason to smile as they can place you into the pool of prizes of $ 10,000.

How to hit a milestone and win Bitcoin

If you are lucky to click a Bitcoin Button and hit milestone numbers, you will get an award Bitcoin prize. For instance, you will receive a call seven days later if you are the 10,000th person to press the button.


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