A lot of businesses survive and succeed because of their clients or customers. Without them or even having even a few of them could not provide success in a business or company. Sometimes, a certain business may have a lot of clients, but eventually lose them with poor customer management. With today’s technology, fortunately, there are best crm softwares that automatically does the job for these businesses. In this review, you could get a glimpse of the best crm software out there and what it can do for you.

Best CRM Software :

  • NetSuite CRM – This CRM software is considered the best crm. This application provides businesses CRM tools that are necessary in managing their clients. This includes customer interaction, tracking of leads and management of marketing emails.
  • Maximizer CRM – This software is basically compatible and works well with the Microsoft Office applications. This could automatically generate emails for marketing based on your preferences and specifications. However, this application does not have the capability for dialing.
  • OnContact – This CRM software is highly rated for its performance. This software provides internal access among all the people in the company of your client’s information and details. This is also available as an application on mobile devices allowing access on the go. However, storage is limited, but you could upgrade by paying additional charges.
  • Salesforce – This is an easy and simple to navigate CRM software. This software allows businesses to keep track of all the necessary information that are necessary for the company’s operations. This software is cloud based, thus storing data I your computer is not necessary.
  • TeaWox – This CRM software ranked highly, but the software is rather limited since there are not much sales and marketing tools needed for business operations. Some claimed that this software is more likely an address book rather than a CRM software.

Although there is a lot of CRM software available for your business out there, still the question remains of which one would suit your preference better. It is best to read reviews from people who have used the software to find out.


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