The POS or Point of Sale system has been used by several businesses the world over. However, these softwares are often very expensive. Not to mention that these softwares are not that easy to install and set up because it is quite complicated. Due to this, several businesses especially the small ones cannot afford these kinds of softwares. But the good news is there are several POS softwares available online that is made available for big and small businesses alike. Here are five of the best POS software available in this Best POS Software Reviews.

Best POS software :

  • CASH REGISTER – This is a POS software that runs with DOS. However, this also works on any Windows platform. This is part of most POS restaurants software reviews and shopping cart software reviews.
  • POSTERITA – This is a POS system that is web based. This is POS software best that could run for any kind of business. All that is needed to do is register account and no installation required. It is easy to register and could be used right after. This could be used as retail POS software and is considered as the best retail POS software out there.
  • LEMON – This is quite an interesting POS system software. This is best for small businesses with several features like sales suspension and sells custom products.
  • FREE POS SOFTWARE – This is a POS system software that is very much applicable for restaurants, bars and other food businesses. It has features like touch screens, receipt prints, barcode readers and other tools.
  • TURBO CASH – this is a POS system software that allows small businesses to create their accounting package. This is a free software if you are running your business in Cape Town. It is also available for multi-national businesses in New York as well.

This POS system review provides the best POS software available in the market today. Be informed of the most efficient point of sale software that would work best in your business.


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