This guide is designed to help make TikTok users’ lives easier by providing them with five easy methods for removing the watermark from their posts. Whether they need to repost an uncropped photo, use their own video without the watermark, or simply don’t want the watermark showing on their videos, these methods are sure to work for them. Readers will learn how to access TikTok’s brand resources page, how to use third-party apps and editing tools, where to find clean versions of their videos from other sources, disabling the watermark setting in TikTok, and more.

Method 1: Use TikTok’s Brand Resources Page

Users can access TikTok’s Brand Resources page by opening their app and navigating to their profile. They should then tap the three dots in the upper right-hand corner which will open a menu, select “Brand Resources” from that menu, and then choose the video they want to download without a watermark. Once on the page, users can select the download button to save a copy of the video that does not include a watermark.

Method 2: Use Third-Party Apps

There are a variety of third-party apps available that can help users remove watermarks from their posts. Some popular options include InShot, WeVideo, KineMaster Pro and Adobe Spark. These apps allow users to easily crop and edit videos, as well as add text, music and images to the video. They provide an easy way to remove watermarks from TikTok videos.

Method 3: Blur out the Watermark Manually

You can easily blur out the watermark manually using the editing tools available within the app. To do this, users should select the video they want to edit, tap the “Edit” button in the upper right-hand corner of the video, and then select “Effect” from within that menu. They can then use their finger to draw a circle around the watermark they want to blur and adjust the intensity of the blurring effect with a slider. Finally, they can tap “Done” to save their changes.

Method 4: Download a Clean Version of Video from Other Sources

If a user’s post has a watermark, they can search online for copies of their video without the watermark. Many creators will post clean versions of their videos on other platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion. These can be downloaded by users instead of their original post with the watermark still present. Some websites may offer downloads of videos without watermarks or include the option to purchase such versions for a nominal fee.

Method 5: Disable Watermark Settings in TikTok App

Users can completely avoid the issue of watermarks on their posts by disabling the setting for automatically adding a watermark in the TikTok app. To do this, users first need to find the “Settings” option in the app and then select ‘Privacy & Safety’ followed by ‘Watermark Settings’. From there, they can choose to disable or enable this feature according to their preference. After making any changes, they should tap “Save” in order to save their settings.

This guide has provided five methods to help users remove watermarks from their videos. These include searching for copies of the video without a watermark, utilizing video editing software to remove the watermark, downloading a clean version of the video from other sources, disabling watermark settings in the TikTok app, and contacting the creator directly. For readers who need additional resources to help with this process, they can find more information online such as tutorials and tips on editing software and apps.


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