Before, editing videos were never easy. However, nowadays, thanks to technology, it was just made easier and simple. Thanks to the creation of several best free video editing softwares, video editing is as simple as ABC.

Now, we can edit each and every video in any which way we want with the use of the best video editing software available on the internet. All you need to do is choose from the best video editing programs of one software that would perfectly suit your needs. Check out these five video editing softwares out there that belong to the top of the list.

Free software for video editing :

  • VideoSpin – This is a free video editing software available on the internet. You could directly upload from Youtube and has other features like dragging and dropping. However, it also has limitations just like other softwares and not that advance as others.
  • VirtualDub – This is a software designed for capturing videos and utility processing. It works best with AVI files, but could not write on MPEG-1 file formats. Again, this software only has limited capacity unlike other all in one video editing softwares.
  • Ezvid – This is a popular video editing software that gained a lot of users due to its simplicity and various features. Not to mention, that this software is also available for free. This software supports all of the Windows platform up to its latest which is the Windows 8. Definitely, the best video editing software available out there.
  • Windows Movie Maker – This video editing software is designed for Widows Vista platform. It is easy to use, and functions perfectly with pictures and videos. However, its functionality is limited since it was developed only for the Vista platform.
  • Avid Free DV – This is a video editing software that could be used for Windows and the Mac operating system just as well. This software includes video as well as audio editing properties, making it just as useful. However, this software is no longer available and was replaced with Avid Studio.

There might not be that much video editing software available out there. However, still, there are video editing programs created to just as much be reliable enough to provide the features that we might need when it comes to video editing.


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